Instructors’ Contact Information

The following instructors have agreed to have their contacts listed for questions
about their class ONLY.

Please respect their willingness to have their information published by:

1. identifying the class about which you are communicating in the subject line and
2. only contact them about the class they teach.

Adler, Joan  Long, Karen 
Barrows, Debbie 703-503-5184 Martins, Dale 
Bolen, Dallas  Meyer, Carol 
Chroniger, Darlene  Meyer, Katie 
Gilliam, Diane  Nagler, Ken 
Gregorieff, Kathleen  Orth, Diane 
Harrill, Spencer  Sakala, Ed 
Hayden, Pat  Schlichtig, Marlene 
Hayes, Kathy  Shumaker, Karen 
Hoover, Jeanette  Standridge, Terry
Jarrell, Liz  Swan, Judith 
Koebler, Kate  von Suhrke, Susan