Covid-19 Update For All CTA Programs

To all,
Covid-19 Update For All CTA Programs:

Beltsville Obedience classes are canceled for 2 weeks starting March 16 with classes resuming March 30.

Beltsville Agility classes will proceed as scheduled.

All Davidsonville classes will proceed as scheduled.

*These guidelines do not supersede communications you have received from your individual instructors about specific classes.

If you are currently feeling ill, or think you have been exposed to the flu or Covid-19, or someone in your immediate family has a compromised immune system, we encourage you to take precautions and do not attend classes.

CTA’s priority is the safety of its instructors and students. Considering our small class sizes and the natural distance between handlers, we feel we are safe in continuing classes at this time. Certainly, if circumstances change, we will respond as promptly as possible in alerting everyone affected.

Hope you stay healthy!

Karen Long
CTA Davidsonville Coordinator
CTA Temporary Agility Coordinator
Joan Adler
Beltsville Building Coordinator