About Us

What Sets Us Apart?

The Canine Training Association is distinguished by its longevity, the variety of its class offerings, its outstanding instructors, and its value.


In continuous operation since 1950, CTA is an established club with a long history of service to the community.  CTA has overcome many challenges and benefitted many dogs and people through the years.  One of the lovely benefits of a club that has been around for so long, is we are now teaching the grandchildren and the grand-dogs of many of our former members. As an Instructor it is rewarding to see so many people come back to class with each new puppy.


CTA has grown along with dog sports throughout the years. CTA offers a wide variety of activities and classes. After Basic Obedience, you can teach your dog to behave in public as a Canine Good Citizen or have fun with Rally.  You can take on more advanced obedience skills like working with your dog off-lead, jumping, retrieving, or even scent discrimination.  You can prepare to show your dog in the obedience or conformation ring, or test your dog’s scenting abilities in Nosework.  You can have fun running obstacle courses in Agility or dancing with your dog in Freestyle.  All of this and more is available through one organization. CTA continues to grow and is evaluating and adding classes each year.

Our Instructors

CTA requires our instructors to earn AKC titles at or beyond the class level they teach.  Most have many years, even decades, of training experience which they incorporate into their classes.  CTA instructors are volunteers.  They aren’t working for pay, but because they enjoy learning and sharing what they know.  A CTA instructor will never charge you additional money to help you with a problem.

Our instructors’ goal is to give you the basic tools to solve unwanted behaviors throughout the life of your dog. Through training your dog can become a valuable family member whose behavior reflects well on you and who can joyfully participate in your everyday life. After all, a trained dog is a better dog!


Our priority at CTA is helping people with their dogs. We are a 100% volunteer-run organization, our overhead is relatively low and that is reflected in our class fees. CTA instructors are some of the best in the state and we are an unbeatable value.