ALERT – Dog Respiratory Illness

Please be aware of a new canine respiratory illness in the US.  When in class, please do not let your dog get nose to nose with others, and do not share water bowls. 

If your dog is showing any symptoms (sneezing, coughing, nasal and/or ocular discharge, etc), please do not attend class and notify your vet.  Recommendations from the AVMA and Vidal-Abarca, as well as other vets, include:

  • Make sure your dog has been fully vaccinated – especially for kennel cough.  While the existing vaccines may not specifically target the unknown infection, maintaining overall health through routine vaccinations helps support a dog’s immune system. 
  • Avoid dog parks, pet stores, and grooming facilities with your canine companion, if possible. 
  • Be mindful of boarding.  It is recommended to avoid boarding your dog unless absolutely necessary. 

Caution is advised rather than worry.  There is a lot of interstate mobility among people and their pets, which may facilitate the transmission of the disease, as it appears to be highly contagious.

If your dog shows any signs of respiratory issues, including the symptoms listed above, contact your vet and keep your pet isolated from other animals until the matter is resolved.  Please continue to socially distance. 
Stay safe,
The unanimous CTA Board