Refund Policy

Refunds: Class Withdrawals, Reschedule Requests and Missed Classes

At CTA our class sizes are limited to ensure quality training.
You will achieve your best training results when you attend all scheduled classes
and make time to practice at home.
Before registering for a class, please review your schedule to ensure you can
commit the time.

Class Withdrawals
Withdrawal requests made before a class is scheduled to begin will be given a
refund minus a processing fee as described in the schedule below. Withdrawal
requests made after the class has started will not be given a refund nor offered
class credits.

Date of Refund Request

Refund amount

Over 3 days before 1st class

Class fee minus $11 processing fee

3 days or less before 1st class

Class fee minus $25 processing fee

After the 1st class

No Refund

Class Rescheduling Requests
All requests to transfer to another class are subject to availability. If the class
you are transferring to has a higher fee, you will be responsible for the difference
in cost. If we are not able to honor your transfer request, class credits will not be
given, but a refund may be available. See refund policy above.

Missed Classes
We do not offer make up classes or refunds for classes not attended with the
following exceptions:

  • Should a dog or handler become seriously ill, we will refund the fees for
    the remaining classes.
  • Should a dog go into season, we will refund the fees for the classes

Snow days or other cancellations originating from the instructors will be made up
with extra classes at the end of the current class session.