Rules & Regulations

  1. Good sportsmanship is essential when training.  This includes common courtesy, being respectful of your fellow students and instructors, and lending a helping hand when needed. Of course, the use of foul language or abusive behavior toward any member is prohibited. Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted in the buildings and any training areas.
  2. Dogs must be kept on short taut leads at all times except when otherwise directed by the instructor. You are responsible for your dog’s behavior at all times. Each dog must have a properly fitted collar. Puppies should start with a plain buckle collar. Each dog must have a leash of leather or fabric, Flexi-leads, chain leashes, or any other form of recoiling leash are not permitted. Shock or remote-controlled collars are generally not allowed except in special cases with the instructor’s prior approval.
  3. The instructor is in charge of your training area, and environs.
  4. There will be no hitting or rough treatment of dogs. Canine aggressive behavior toward other dogs or people is not acceptable and will be handled by the instructor.
  5. Female dogs in season are permitted in the Advanced level Obedience and Advanced Agility classes at the instructor’s discretion. Females in season must be wearing appropriate panties. Please contact your instructor prior to attending class with a dog in season.
  6. You are responsible for cleaning up and removing from the building any mess that your dog makes. Clean-up supplies are provided.  Please dispose of waste in the appropriate receptacles.
  7. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes with rubber-type soles and flat heels. Athletic shoes are recommended.
  8. Members are expected to keep vaccinations current. Copies of rabies certificates and a signed Hold Harmless Waiver are required for membership. Sick dogs should not attend any classes nor be in the building.
  9. CTA follows Maryland protocols with regard to the pandemic. Masks are required in the buildings. Sanitizer is available for hands, as is disinfectant for wiping surfaces that you may have touched.  Because social distancing is also mandatory, classes are smaller than what was once usual. Covid waivers must be signed at every class.