Sequence of Agility Classes

The CTA Sequence of Agility Classes:
One of our most frequently asked questions is “What class do I take next” or “Where do I start?” To reduce confusion, we are streamlining the class names and organizing them into a clear and logical progression.
Building Blocks for Puppies: Focused Minds and Balanced Bodies I – any puppies 3-6 months
Building Blocks for Puppies: Focused Minds and Balanced Bodies II – for graduates of Building Blocks I
Agility Foundation I or Basic Agility I –for any dog over 1-year-old who is beginning agility training
Agility Foundation II or Basic Agility II – for graduates from Foundations or Basic Agility I. Classwork emphasis on weaves.
Pre-Competition Agility (formerly Intermediate) – for graduates of Basic or Foundations class. Students should be familiar with all equipment. Classwork includes sequencing and advanced handling skills.
Competition Agility- for students with proficiency on all equipment including weaves. Classwork includes advanced sequencing and distance handling at speed.
Advanced Competition Agility – for students competing at open level agility. Classwork focusing on Advanced handling on Master’s level courses.